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Things To Know About A Intragastric Balloon

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Posted by telx seo   ·   Jan 23, 2019
Things To Know About A Intragastric Balloon

Things To Know About A Intragastric Balloon

A gastric balloon also called as an intragastric balloon is a revocable, non-surgical weight-loss process that can be useful to severely obese patients hoping to jump-start weight loss. This short term weight loss process produces a feeling of fullness shortly after smaller meals.

It decreases your hunger permitting you to control your portion sizes and can be used to set a stepping stone on the path to weight loss achievement. By listening to dietary advice, you can attain healthy eating habits and modify your lifestyle so that you can lose weight speedily and keep the pounds off long-term.

The Balloon Process Is Not Surgery

In lieu, the balloon is a medical device that is positioned and detached with a tube that goes down the patient’s esophagus while they are slightly sedated. Once it’s there in the stomach, the balloon is filled with saline.

New Practices

The intragastric balloon pill capsule is a new type of gastric balloon that is used to shun those extra pounds that always annoys you. You swallow a tablet that is bonded to a thin tube. When it is placed at the top of your stomach, the balloon is bloated using gas via the tube. The tube is then eliminated. No sedation is needed. Up to 3 balloons can be positioned in your stomach to endure to facilitate weight loss over the 12-week treatment. At the end of this course, the balloons are detached in a short endoscopic process.

Not Only Source for Reducing Weight

In its place, the balloon is a device that permits people to search for more benefits from eating right and roaming more. Most people cannot reduce weight and keep it off from traditional diets. The balloon raises your efforts, and assists various people find the weight loss achievement they’ve not had otherwise.

Is It Right For You?

A gastric balloon is suggested for patients who require reducing weight before an operation to lessen their surgical threat, or it can be used as a stand-alone, non-surgical treatment selection for weight management. Weight loss along with a gastric balloon can be less and dawdling than the surgical weight loss choices. It is a helpful way to lose weight if you don’t fulfill the criteria for the surgical weight loss processes. The balloon may be practiced by gastro doctors in Miami if you have a BMI lying within 27 and 35.