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Praying for your weight loss? Do you think a gastric balloon is the right option for you?

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Posted by telx seo   ·   Nov 15, 2018
Praying for your weight loss? Do you think a gastric balloon is the right option for you?

Praying for your weight loss Do you think a gastric balloon is the right option for you

As obesity is the growing concern in the world today. A lot of pills are available in the market but it is hard to tell how effective they are as sometimes they do not work out. However, an alternative and a popular method to reduce the weight is to undergo the procedure of gastric balloon or intragastric balloon.

So are you confused whether it will really help you to lose weight? How safe the procedure is? What exact methodology is followed in the technique? So here are some things you need to know before undergoing gastric balloon procedure.

How eligible you are for a gastric balloon?

If you are suffering from serious health problems due to obesity or you are just done with doing dieting and exercising, you can resort to gastric balloon Miami procedure.

The bariatric surgeon will check your eligibility for the gastric balloon insertion. Initially, your body mass index (BMI) will be calculated and any diseases you suffer from due to obesity such as high blood pressure, joint pain, depression, diabetes etc.

You must have 18 years of age in order to undergo the procedure.

Exact procedure of gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is a silicon balloon that is inserted in the stomach of the patient using the endoscopic tube used in the endoscopy and colonoscopy test. The balloon is inserted in a deflated state through the tube. After that, the balloon is inflated using the air or a saline liquid. The balloon leaves less space in the stomach and thus it is difficult to eat more food which in turn reduces the weight. This is a temporary procedure and can be used up to six months.

Let’s get through some pros and cons of undergoing the surgery

It’s a great idea if some important event is coming up and you need to reduce weight in less time.

It’s an effective non-surgical procedure, a one-day procedure and does not give you any scars.

Unlike other weight loss procedures, it is an affordable method which incurs less than $5K.

Now it has a bad side also, it can sometimes cause nausea and discomfort in the stomach.

The balloons may leak in the stomach and cause some health problems. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution you may get disappointed with the results.