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Having severe pain in the abdomen area? This might be an indication of acute pancreatitis

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Posted by telx seo   ·   Feb 06, 2019
Having severe pain in the abdomen area? This might be an indication of acute pancreatitis

Having severe pain in the abdomen area. This might be an indication of acute pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is basically the inflammation of the pancreas that results in acute pain in the abdomen area. Pancreas is an important part of our body that helps in regulation of digestion. There are usually two kinds of pancreatitis namely acute and chronic pancreatitis. You must consult the top gastroenterologist Miami in case you feel any symptoms related to the condition.

Acute pancreatitis is usually caused due to gallstones which may lead to symptoms such as pain in the abdomen, vomiting, and nausea. On the other hand chronic pancreatitis is caused due to heavy alcohol intake which triggers symptoms such as weight loss, vomiting, nausea, and greasy stools.

Procedures to diagnose pancreatitis

The doctor may recommend some tests and procedures to identify pancreatitis. Some of them include blood tests in order to search for high levels of pancreatic enzymes.

In case of chronic pancreatitis, stool test may be conducted to analyze fat level that would indicate inadequate absorption of nutrients in the digestive system.

Endoscopy and colonoscopy might be conducted to check for inflammation in the pancreatic duct.

The doctor may also suggest for CT Scan to identify the gallstones and check the degree of inflammation in the pancreas.

Ultrasound of the abdominal area can also be done to diagnose pancreatitis. Other than this, MRI can be used to check the abnormalities in the pancreas and the gallbladder.

Treatment procedures carried out by the doctors for pancreatitis

Initially the doctors will keep you on fasting for a couple of days to help the pancreas to recover. When the inflammation in the pancreas will be controlled you might start drinking light liquids and you most probably will have liquid diet. Gradually, you will switch to your normal diet.

As you will be suffering from severe pain, the gastroenterologist Miami fl may give you pain medications in order to control the pain.

During your stay in the hospital, you might be injected with certain extra fluids through your arm vein in order to prevent you from dehydration.

Changes in your lifestyle can also help in the speedy recovery of pancreatitis. You just need to follow certain diet tips to recover from your illness. Stop consuming alcohol and stop smoking. Or otherwise these will severely affect your pancreatic duct and may hamper the process of recovery.

In addition to this, you must take a low-fat diet and drink more fluids to prevent yourself from dehydration.