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Colon Examination-A Brief Overview

Center for Digestive Medicine
Posted by telx seo   ·   Mar 13, 2019
Colon Examination-A Brief Overview

Colon Examination-A Brief Overview

Colonoscopy is a medical procedure for examining the colon to look for any abnormalities in the bowel, cancer, or colon polyps. It is done using a colonoscope which is a thin, long, flexible tube having a light and a camera by GI doctors in Miami. It is inserted into the rectum and softly pushed along the colon allowing the doctor to view the lining of the whole large bowel. A tool is used to take samples (biopsies) or remove abnormal tissue during a colonoscopy.

What Happens During A Colonoscopy?

The colonoscopy is done by an experienced doctor and lasts around 30-60 minutes. Some medicines will be injected into your vein to ensure the entire procedure goes calmly, making you feel relaxed and drowsy. The doctor asks you to lie on the left side of the examining table, during the exam. The doctor uses a colonoscope which is about 1/2-inch in diameter for transmitting the images of the colon lining helping the GI to examine any abnormalities. The colonoscope is put into the rectum and then pushed to the other end of the large intestine.

Before an endoscopy and colonoscopy, the doctor will ask about pregnancy, any special medical conditions, allergies or heart conditions, to adjust the procedure accordingly. You should tell your doctor if you are diabetic or taking some drugs that affect blood clotting so that he alters the entire procedure according to your health.

Virtual Colonoscopy

People who are unable to get a colonoscopy, other tests are done in place of it. Virtual colonoscopy or CT colonography is such a test that is a type of diagnostic imaging used to create high-resolution 3-D colon images. Though, standard or general colonoscopy has to be done when an abnormal tissue or polyp is found and has to be removed at the earliest.

How To Prepare For A Colonoscopy?

When you have a colonoscopy appointment, make sure your bowel is completely cleaned out as only then colonoscope tube will be able to move through the bowel, resulting in camera getting on its tip to click a clear view inside. Make sure that the bowel is prepared properly, or else the colonoscopy has to be repeated if images are not taken successfully.

When you book an appointment at the center for digestive medicine, it is usual practice to tell the patients regarding the procedure and assist them in preparing for a colonoscopy. On the appointment, the patient is given a preparation kit which includes information about the procedure and full instructions you need to follow.